Joule’s Brewery presents an estate of beautifully and carefully restored Brewery Taps. Each Tap has a significant character of its own, with Joule’s Brewery and its heritage thoughtfully woven through each Tap. This approach combines to present an inspirational and unique Tap estate, each Tap special and relevant in its respective locality, many famous in the region, and more than half listed.

Our interest has always been in old traditional style pubs, those which have served communities for centuries, which connect us to our fellow countrymen, and also to our past. To us, a perfect pub is a place to step into and be welcomed by warmth; to feel included, part of a community should you wish, perfected of course with cask ale, drawn through the traditional hand pull engine, creating the perfect pint.

Here at Joule’s, we have a passion for the old English tone, our estate is a collection of old pubs which have been restored into Joule’s Taphouses, each telling its own story alongside our own. Pouring our beer with pride whilst bringing the local community together and each a gateway to the Brewery, a Brewery Tap in their locality.

Our estate is listed in this section of the website. Some houses have already been restored, a few are waiting in the wings to be Tapped… Never the less you will find good people, a warm welcome and a fine pint when you visit.

Let us know what you think, contact us if you have an idea or if you feel we can do better. We would be very pleased to hear because we are always striving to improve.