It is, of course, fitting that the site of the new Joule’s Brewery lies behind an original Joule’s Public House, the Red Lion, in the heart of the medieval town of Market Drayton. Built on traditional tower brewery lines the building is a landmark in the area and the sight of malt being hoisted up the front of the building often draws an audience. The tower design was favoured in the 19th century when electricity supplies were intermittent, and raw materials once raised to the top of the building could fall by gravity rather than relying on pumps.

The brewery, completed in 2010, is traditional in its design. It incorporates an infusion mash tun with Steele’s masher, copper with a “cat and mouse” contents gauge, a hopback to allow the use of whole hops and “ale” fermenters suited to top cropping yeast, so is perfectly equipped for the creation of characterful beers.

Behind the tradition is the best of modern technology which allows us to produce an exciting range of “cold beers” alongside our cask range. These brewery-conditioned beers, including Joule’s English Craft Lager “Green Monkey” is fermented and conditioned at zero degrees in our Dual Purpose Vessels for at least three weeks before being sterile filtered rather than pasteurised, to preserve their fine flavours.

A fully equipped laboratory ensures that our beers meet perfected quality standards and we hope to exceed our customers’ expectations.