New World Bitter Handpull

New World Bitter 4.7% ABV

Inspired by traditional beer in great British Summer weather

frisky rabbit burger

Pairs best with a juicy burger

  • Twist on a classic
  • Bitterness back up with malt finish

Well defined bitterness alongside malty sweetness; the carefully selected ingredients in this batch brew work together to achieve a new world twist on a classic ale. An all New Zealand line up of hops added at 4 stages across the brewing process; Pacific Gem and Green Bullet offer up aromas of berries, stone fruit and a touch of oak with distinctive southern hemisphere character. The more traditional grain bill adds balance with sweetness from Caramalt alongside a layer of roasted flavours and just a hint of coffee from a good helping of Amber Malt.

Cyclops Rating

  • Deep Amber
  • Berries, Stone Fruit, Oak
  • Bitter, Roasted
  • Bitterbitter four orange
  • Sweetsweet three half orange
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