muffin to declare

Muffin To Declare 4.3% ABV

Brewed to try out some creative and slightly quirky ideas.

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Best enjoyed with Fruit Pie or a Blueberry Muffin of course

  • Blueberry Muffin Aroma
  • Brewed with Oat, Pale, Crystal & Pale Chocolate Malts

Aromas of blueberry and vanilla are underpinned by the dark malt and biscuit character generated from deep within the beer. A hint of sweetness and full body with berry flavours from the hops give way to a confection of Blueberry Muffin finish.   

Cyclops Rating

  • Dark Brown
  • Roasted Malt, Berry & Vanilla
  • Biscuit, Sponge Cake & Blueberry
  • Bitterbitter two blue
  • Sweetsweet three blue
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