Shropshire Hop

Shropshire Hop 4.3% ABV

Dominated by a blend of English, American and New Zealand hops, creating a crescendo of satisfying bitterness, underpinned by pleasing floral notes.

Cheese Board

Best enjoyed at the pub with a traditional Shropshire cheese board

  • Powerfully Hopped
  • Aromatic & Zesty

Available February 2020. Nestled in a county full of rich brewing history. Shropshire Hop celebrates the pride we hold for our county, especially as the most prized ingredient in all our brews is our Shropshire Pure Mineral Water.

Shropshire Hop is a 4.3% powerfully hopped golden ale, aromatic and zesty.

With a good depth of malt character, achieved by using a blend of four English grown malts.

Cyclops Rating

  • Golden
  • Aromatic, Citrus, Floral Hop
  • Grapefruit, Satisfying Bitterness
  • Bitter Bitter Icons
  • Sweet Bitter Icons
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