Penny Pincher Clear Handpull

Penny Pincher 4.1% ABV

The result is an easy drinking, thirst quenching, balanced bitter that’s full of flavour with an inviting aroma and subtle notes of warming ginger.

Belly Pork

Best enjoyed at the pub with Crispy Cured Pork Belly

  • Zip of ginger
  • Balanced Bitter

Availability: January – February 2018

Brewed with pure mineral water, home grown malts and new world hops, with a twist. Penny Pincher is “spiced up” with crystallized ginger and Motueka hops from New Zealand.

Cyclops Rating

  • Golden
  • Ginger, Warm Spice
  • Light Malt, Ginger
  • Bitter Bitter Icons
  • Sweet Bitter Icons
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