new taphandle moon madness

Moon Madness 4.666%

A twisted but smooth, rich and rounded ale is what our night brewer has to offer you during this haunting season.

Best enjoyed at the pub with a traditional Bangers and Mash or decadent chocolate brownies

  • Luxury Mild
  • Rich & Smooth

A mysterious but luxurious mild launched during the full moon in October. Brewed using high-quality English grown malts roasted alive, giving hints of rich fruit, treacle and liquorice. Complemented with a gentle bitterness from traditional hops also grown within our shores. Fly the flag for Britain with this all English arresting ale.

Cyclops Rating

  • Black
  • Rich Fruit/Roast
  • Treacle, Liquorice, roast
  • Bitter Bitter Icons
  • Sweet Bitter Icons
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