Lakota handpukk

Lakota 4.5% ABV

Lakota is back, now available in cask & with a new look to match. This beer is brewed with a blend of American yeast & the Joule’s house strain

joule's illlustrations all kolkata curry

Best enjoyed at the pub with a curry

  • Big Bold Hops
  • Aromatic

Brewed with big, bold hops this beer will spark your taste buds. Lakota was first brewed in 2017, and now the Brewers have perfected the recipe for cask ale. Packed with Apollo, Bravo and Cascade hops this beer is beautifully aromatic but well balanced and of course; sessionable.

Cyclops Rating

  • Copper
  • Hoppy, Grassy, Citrus
  • Sweet Malt, Fruity Hope Notes, Bitter Finish
  • Bitter bitter four half red
  • Sweet sweet three half red
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