Coopers Tavern

43 Cross Street, Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire DE14 1EG
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The Coopers is a Burton institution and has a collection of awards, it has been in the good pub guide for as long as anyone can remember. Originally it was owned by William Bass, over time it has been a brewer’s house also a malt store. In the 1800’s it became the store of Bass Imperial Stout. The brewers would pop over Cross Street and sample the stout, it is not recorded quite when, but the store became the brewers tap for the Bass brewery. In time it opened its doors as a pub – but still served ale as they do in the sampling cellar – direct from the barrel. The Coopers has served its ale this way ever since – at least 4 casks always available out of the tap from the back bar.

The Coopers is listed and of special interest with its important part of the brewery story of Burton on Trent. Now a Joule’s house – we still sell Bass direct from the barrel as homage to this most famous pub and its story – it is completely unique and an absolute delight.

The pub is a series of small rooms with a couple of tiny open fires. In the back room you will find a range of ales all served from the cask, straight on to a barrel top. Landlady Mary will happily tell you the provenance of the eclectic range and if you push, a bit more of her impressive array of awards. If you’re in or around Burton it’s well worth the effort, there is also a brilliant balti house around the corner and also one next door which allows you to bring your own, you can even take your real ale with you, the pub is used to fetching its jugs back!

We have a real sense of responsibility to this pub; it is a little different to our other brewery ale houses in that it sells a broad range of ales despite being brewery owned - today it is also our brewery tap in Burton and we are very proud to showcase our own ales in Burton.  We have a very good working relationship with Molson Coors who let us have the Joule's brand back in 2008 - we always meet to discuss our business in the small snug in the Coopers - much as the old brewers used to.


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Monday 4pm - 11pm
Tuesday 4pm - 11pm
Wednesday 4pm - 11pm
Thursday 12noon - 11pm
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Saturday 12noon - 11pm
Sunday 12noon - 10pm