Bricklayers Arms

Copthorne Road, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY3 8NL
T: 01743 359 999

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We were very lucky to have been able to secure The Bricklayers in 2009, we had covetted the Bricks for some time and were very keen to have a site that would showcase our beers in our county town of Shrewsbury.

A local sleuth kindly e mailed us with the story of the inn, the original Bricklayers was sited 75 yards on the same side towards the town, this pub was built in 1874.  In 1927 Mr J C H Bowdler acting on behalf of the owner Bass Worthingtons applied to move the license to the current site they argued this new site could provide for an inn of 'superior quality' befitting the development of Copthorne.  The regulars of the pub objected so the plans were put on hold.  In 1930 Bass applied again this time ironically arguing that trade was so good at the pub a larger pub was required.  In the end they applied on 5 separate occasions.  In July 1931 the license was granted to move the Bricklayers Arms on condition that Bass give up its license in the town from the 'Lion and Tap'.

After such a struggle it is unsurprising that they built a very high quality inn.  It is the youngest pub in the Joule's estate but as with all our pubs it has a very distinctive character and has a history of being a great ale pub, in the early 1980's when kept by Roger and Carol Downward it was reputed to sell more barrels of ale than any other pub in Shrewsbury.  We refurbished the pub late 2010 into a Joule's House.  It has wide oak floor boarding, we put back some of the original screens that once made up the snug and smoke room, and were lucky to have found some mahogany panels which had come from a country house library which we sourced from North Shropshire Reclamation along with the paneling which we used for the bar frontrage.  If you look closely you will also find pictures of our own bricklayers enjoying a pint of Joule's Pale Ale, as well as our brewer and salesman who also happened to be passing they too were photographed and are on the wall.  If anyone fancy's having a go at their own version we will be happy to find space for you and you will get a free 4 pint jug of ale for your trouble.

The pub re-opened in March 2011, Tony Williams now mans the pumps and you can be assured of the very finest draught ale - and a quiet pint by a real fire.  Tony slso offers some very simple real pub food, he has a simple philosophy fresh is best, the simpler the better.  Tony also believes in good wine, Tony normally has something unusual on offer from his wide array of merchants.  All in all pretty much what Mr Bowdler of Bowdler and Bowdler promised in 1931.

Easy parking and plenty of outdoor benches.