Our Pubs


Our interest has always been in old English style pubs, pubs which have served communities for centuries, which connect us to our fellow countrymen, and also to our past, a reminder of simpler times and the bonds we share. Pubs are great … where else can we all be part of the same days conversation, everyone welcome, a sanctuary of human communication and sociability, a place to share celebration, anxiety even sadness. To us a perfect pub is a place to step into and be cosseted by warmth and humanity; to feel included, a part of the community should you wish. Wonderful to share and enjoy the present, perfected of course with cask beer, drawn through a hand pump, a style, texture and subtlety which cannot be re created elsewhere.

For all these reasons we have a passion for the old English tone of pub. Our estate is a collection of old pubs restored rather than just refurbished and of which we are immensely proud, all different but all connected to our brewery.

Every time we restore a pub we try to reveal its secrets, its own story, as well as tell our own. We aim to make all Joule’s houses unique and special and reflect our passion for both pubs and our beer. They are each to be a gateway to the brewery, a brewery tap in their own locality.  The estate is currently 20 strong and we hope to build it to around 25 over the coming years. We feel at that size we can ensure all pubs remain both special and kept in tip top condition.

Our growing estate is listed in this section of the web site. Some houses have already been restored and are fully fledged Joule’s houses, but a number are waiting in the wings for their bespoke treatment. Nevertheless you will find good people and a warm welcome wherever you should visit.

Let us know what you think, contact us if you have any ideas or if you feel we can do better. Tell us what you like and what you dislike we would be very pleased to hear and we would strive to improve.

We have written a small introduction on each of the pubs – if we have made errors or indeed if you know more – we would love to hear and we will update our copy. Old or topical photos would also be appreciated where we have under represented the pub.