Buffalo is the first in our carefully crafted collection of cold beer Seasonals. Buffalo is Brewery fresh, with no additives or preservatives and is naturally carbonated.

Buffalo is an American Pale Ale, also known as an APA.  It is America’s version of a traditionally English Pale developed back in 1980’s. Traditional APA’s generally sit between 5-5.5% with significant quantities of BIG American Hops and it is the American Hops that distinguish an APA from British or European Pale Ale.

Tasting Notes

Buffalo is a full bodied Golden Pale Ale following the US style; it’s big on hoppiness, but not too bitter.

At 5.2% Buffalo should be treated with respect, as should the hops we have used.  Although used for bitterness rather than hoppiness, the hop Apollo provides a herbal quality with a lemon kick.  Buffalo has also been generously late hopped with Bravo to give juicy, marmalade notes and CentennialCascade for the typical fruity/citrus character and additional fullness of palate.

Dry hopping with additional Cascade/Citra rounds this beer out with aromas of lemon, lime & tropical fruit.

The launch night!

On Friday 1st of May, we launched Buffalo across the Joule’s estate – celebrating with an American theme and some exciting new “craft” glassware which will compliment future seasonal beers.  Photos from the evening are below...

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