Brewery Update, February

Despite the cold we have continued to make good progress. Chris, Mick and Tony must have anti freeze in the blood as they have been working away in some seriously cold and wet weather. The brewery is starting to emerge and we are concentrating on the Brew Hall so the pipe fitters can start mid May.

The highlight of the month was drilling into the Bunter pebble beds, Witter Water drilled down to 60 metres but we found water at just 13 metres. Whilst we knew the aquafer was there and the water pure it was still a relief to see a river of crystal sparkling water flowing down the bank at the back of the brewery. Ironically we also discovered an original well at the front of the site which we measured to 20 metres. We are hoping to restore the well head to show to our visitors.

We have been busy with the plant throughout the month and are building up a steady store of parts ready for the fit out and are very much looking forward to getting started in May.

Finally we had our first ever brewery tour, the Landlords and Ladies of our Joule's pubs visited on 23rd February for a muddy walk round and their first chance to see our work in progress. Roll on spring and some better weather.

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