An exciting and memorable night; Monday evening saw the town’s local businesses, local sponsors and Rock & Bowl organisers get together to celebrate a successful R&B2014 and pay their thanks to all involved in the towns unbeaten music festival.

The town’s brewery, Joule’s, a main sponsor of Rock & Bowl for the last couple of years, hosted a thank you evening in the Red Lion, Brewery Tap ‘Mouse Room’.  The mouse room, famous for its beautifully carved mice, carefully created by craftsman Robert Thompson, provided a great ambience for the event, with an inviting warm and cosy fire, the well-known ‘giant pork bap’ and all the trimmings brewery supper and of course the fine range of  Joule’s ales available for all to enjoy. Guest also enjoyed a very special treat; a live performance by female vocalist Heidi Brown.


The evening was brought together by event organisers, Jeremy Blandford, Laurence Payne, manager of the Sandbrook Vaults and Jodie Jennings, providing a great night and opportunity to thank all the sponsors and volunteers involved in this years event.


Preparations are underway already for R&B2015, with Joule’s being a main sponsor of next years’ event.

Trudie from Joule’s commented, ‘we are extremely proud sponsors of such a successful community driven event.  It has delivered bigger and greater things every year and I feel very honoured to be part of this annual festival and have the opportunity to work alongside such great creative local people who work so hard to deliver a weekend for everyone to enjoy.  We have already had several meetings to discuss our involvement and sponsorship next year and we very much look forward to introducing Green Monkey, our Brewery fresh lager to the event next year for all to enjoy.


The main event organisers are already asking followers and supporters of the event to come forward with who they would like to see as a tribute band at next years’ festival and Joule’s already have plans and ideas in place to offer festival goers a weekend to remember. The brewery are currently working on their next crafted cold beer to compliment Green Monkey and are planning an exciting launch event to co-inside with the town’s music festival.




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