Market Drayton based Joule's Brewery has  today unveiled its intention to launch a craft brewed lager on 15th May 2014.  The craft brand 'Green Monkey' is a 4.3% unpasteurised lager which is naturally sparkling and laagered in the old tradition.

Joules, the smallest lager brewery in the world, having yet to sell a single drop, has invited Inbev the biggest brewer in the world to a debate at its headquarters in Market Drayton Shropshire.  The company has written to InBev head office in Belgium to debate the difference between Craft brewed unpasteurised lager brewed in small batches in the traditional method to modern ‘continuous process’ production methods used by the goliath brewer.

Joules MD Steve Nuttall ‘We thought it would be good to debate the rise in interest and the definition of ‘craft brewed’ with the biggest brewer in the world with all the resource and technology they have behind them.  If they accept we think we will be able to muster a good audience to debate the difference and if the the international brewers see the craft revolution as threat or if if they see it complementing them and creating interest in the beer sector as a while.  InBev for example brew Leffe, it will be interesting to know if they see tis differently to their mass market brands, is a craft beer? For fun we propose to conclude with a blind taste test between Green Monkey and Stella Artois their global brand leader.  We have also offered to travel to Belgium as a return visit and are hopeful that they will accept.

Green Monkey will be launched in 22 pubs on the 15th May at 6.00pm sharp.  We can only produce 22 barrels a week, so InBev have nothing to worry about from us, as we will only sell in our local markets of Shropshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire as we believe in local brewers supplying local markets, obviously a very different kind of brewing philosophy.

Green Monkey is brewed with pure mineral water, taken from its natural source underneath the brewery, the finest ingredients, hand selected malt and hops. The crafted lager is unpasteurised; no preservatives or additives are added, and is properly laagered stored for three weeks, creating a much more complex flavour and it is naturally carbonated, using state of the art fermentation vessels, allowing natural CO2 to be produced, giving way to a naturally sparkling and smooth silk texture.

Belgian based InBev, the world’s largest brewer, produces some of the world’s best known brands including Budweiser, Stella Artois and Becks, as well as local favourites such as Bass & Boddingtons.  They are a global company with operations in over 30 countries and sales in over 130 countries, not a company that a small brewer would ordinarily challenge.  But for sure, Joule’s will be inviting some of the most shrewdest beer judges in the land and some highly experienced judges from continental Europe to make sure that the contest is fair and there is a good spread of tasting experiences.  The judges will be considering the aroma, the taste and the finish before discussing their findings, but Joule’s are confident that they will be fairly challenged, with a rewarding result.

Trudie Meredith of Joules  ‘Craft in the UK market is best represented by Cask ale of course, but as interest in beer styles grow then our customers are also interested in cold beer styles, and especially lager.  The UK has been dominated for too long by the generic mass produced lager brands whereas other markets have much more diversity in lager.  Green Monkey will offer a more complex and satisfying lager experience and we think along with other craft brewers diversifying will continue to create interest and energy in the UK beer market.


Mark Leedham, head brewer commented, “I am delighted to challenge In Bev and hope they accept the invitation in the spirit that it is intended and that they will enjoy the debate with us and have.

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