Joule's Launches Xperimental Brews

Craft beer is about challenging the norm and seeking new and vibrant beer experiences. At Joule’s we produce 4 seasonal beers where our goal is to create balanced beer that is interesting, sometimes challenging and always unique.


Our Brewery is 30 barrels, (8500 pints) and to properly test a brew for the typical interactions between our yeast, malt and mineral water, we really need to commit to a full brew. Our idea is to share these experimental brews with you, providing of course they are good enough. We will never release a beer of which we are not proud, nor would we put our famous red cross on any beer that is substandard. That’s a guarantee.

Our experimental brews will range from big ideas for seasonal brews to very minor tweaks to our core range. Head Brewer Mark Leedham has worked for big brewers, including Guinness & Molson Coors making beers like Guinness, Grolsch & Amstel. Trials would involve numerous brews and huge volumes that could be blended off without the public ever seeing them. But we’re craft; we’re too small for blending and yet we still want to experiment. To put that beer to drain would be an expensive waste. Besides that, and in the spirit of openness, we’re realising that many of our customers could be very interested in sharing in the development of new craft beers.

We hope you enjoy this range of beers and, if you are so inclined, we would be keen to know what you think: X beers each have an entry on our Facebook page and all comments get back to Head Brewer, Mark Leedham. There are also tags for each trial brew available from behind the bar in each Joule’s Tap house, which explain about each beer, and there is a section for your comments.

We also offer a no quibble return: if it’s not to your taste we will swap it for you straight away for one of our regular beers.

Our beers have no artificial ingredients, colouring or preservatives, are naturally brewed, nor processed. We use whole hops and of course use fresh malt, never pre-milled.

X1 was made with 100% lager malt, and fermented colder and slower than our other beers and with a lager yeast. It was lightly hopped the beer with some very nice “noble hops” of German origin, with the hope to achieve a beer that is subtle and refreshing, rather than bursting with lots of different flavours.

As close to a lager as cask beer can get and if you wanted to categorise it, X1 would fit into the Blonde category, with the hope you find it a little different, even within this category. You can probably work what we were trying to achieve with this brew…?

Fast off the heels of X1, but it's an important trial on the way to a great craft beer, X2 is different from X1 in some important ways. It uses a different yeast and it is less fermentable, so has a lower percentage ABV and more body. The biggest factor is that we now know that the craft beer won't be fined. However, in order to make X2 work as cask, it has been fined.

We will say no more about how X beers should taste—that’s up to you. And, we’d love to hear from you here at the Brewery in Market Drayton.



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