Joule's Brewery Launches the first of it's seasonal ales

To celebrate the first of the seasonal ales, Joule’s Brewery are holding a pre-launch trade event at the Brewery Tap House, the Red Lion on Wednesday 29th May at 6pm, inviting local businesses, customers and tenants to be the first to taste this exciting beer. Calcutta 1757 will be on sale and available across the Joule’s pub estate and free trade customers from Saturday, 1st June 2013.

The Brewery has reached a very important milestone.  After three years of brewing, establishing and refining its three core beers, Pale Ale, Blonde & Slumbering Monk, the business is ready to move forward with their brewing expertise to create and build a seasonal ale portfolio.

The Brewery, based in Market Drayton has been very busy over the last couple of months creating the ‘Summer Seasonal’ CALCUTTA 1757.  The summer seasonal beer acknowledges a local historic icon, Clive of India, and his achievements in life that have undoubtedly changes the course of history.  Robert Clive, also known as ‘Clive of India’ was born in a neighboring village to the Brewery and schooled opposite the brewery tower.  Clive became a Military Officer in the British Army establishing the military and political supremacy of the East India Company in Bengal.  He is credited with securing India and the wealth that followed for the British Crown.  The first of these conquests was the battle of Calcutta in 1757, inspiring a series of further victories.  Clive of India died in 1774 and is buried in St Margaret’s Parish Church at Moreton Say, Market Drayton.

This summer’s brew, Calcutta 1757, is a refreshing ‘India’ Pale Ale.   India Pale Ale is also referred to as ‘pale ale prepared for India’.  In the early 1700’s troops and British citizens living in India as part of the colonial rule did not have access to good British ale and any attempts to ship malty English ale to them resulted in spoilage.  IPA was the solution.  The generous amount of hops in this brew protected it from the heat and motion of the British sailing ships of the day.  ‘Calcutta 1757’ is an authentic generously hopped IPA, delivering a bitter punch, balanced out by its strength.  The light, amber ale offers subtle hints of honey and spice upfront with a light berry fruit finish.

Trudie Meredith from Joule’s explains the importance of the seasonal beer collection, ‘The last few months have been an exciting time for Joules brewery. Developing a seasonal ale portfolio allows our brewers to experiment and create interesting beer styles. By brewing a series of special editions – known as the seasonal collection, we can experiment and create more specialist beers.  The first of these is a king of beer style, a genuine and real India Pale Ale – a craft beer without compromise or reference to the accountants, rich, full and uncompromising; a very specialist beer and honest to its style.

The beer like all Joule’s ales is only available in its local market and won’t be bottled.  Trudie comments ‘We have a core belief in supporting pubs, the original IPA’s were all shipped in barrels and so is ours – as always, we are backing the pub, not the supermarket and the pure beer that is cask conditioned is the real thing, not some compromised imitation that has been pasteurized and fizzed.

Joule’s Brewery, together with the Mere Inn, now has 18 Tap Houses across its heartland Shropshire, Staffordshire & Cheshire.  The Taps form a portfolio of remarkable and beautiful restored pubs, often ancient and each of them unique, inspirational and special, each famous in their respective localities.  They have been designed sensitively, thoughtfully and built with emotion, using high quality natural materials, relevant locally, unique, warm, comfortable and well lit.

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