Joule’s Limited Edition T Shirt Promotion 2013 – Now Underway

Exciting news – The Joule’s T-Shirt Promotion 2013 is now underway. This year the promotion will run throughout May, launching Wednesday, 1st May until Friday, 31st May

Joule’s customers will in return for drinking 9 pints of any Joule’s beer, receive a limited edition Joule’s 2013 T-Shirt.

On purchasing their first pint of Joule’s, customers will be handed a loyalty/collectors card. The collector’s cards have 4 pages; a cover page, stamp collecting page, terms & conditions and customer details, which we hope you can encourage them to complete.

Each time a customer buys a pint of Joule’s they will receive a stamp on their card. Once the customer has filled their card with 9 stamps and filled out the customer contact details in full, they will then be entitled to a limited edition Joule’s T- Shirt.


The 2013 T –Shirt this year is white with a red embroidered Joule’s logo dated 2013 and is on display in each of our Tap Houses.



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