The Joules Herd Grows

As the brewery continues to expand this must lead to only one thing more brewers grain and more happy pigs. We are now pleased to announce free sausage rolls every Friday in three more of our brewery taps.

As the brewery has started to expand, our herd of Gloucestershire Old Spots at Fordhall Farm are growing large and fat.  Happy pigs fed on the malt husks, a by-product of brewing great cask ale.  For many months now, this succulent organic pork has returned in the form of hot tasty sausage rolls, which are free at the Red Lion Brewery Tap every Friday (5’ til gone).  Steve Nuttall “ Residents of Market Drayton have long since enjoyed the best sausage rolls in all Shropshire and most Fridays we have a crowd gathering in the bar as the smell of the sausage rolls wafts through the Red Lion Tap on the site of the brewery”.  Recently the Glebe our tap house in Stoke On Trent have started to offer the same tasty sausage rolls on a Friday evening, which has gone down very well with the council workers in the Civic Centre next door.


As the brewery has increased brewing levels, more husk has been produced to send to Ben Hollins at Fordhall Farm for our ever expanding herd of Old Spots.   This means the brewery will now be rolling out the offer to more of its Taps Houses!


In the next week or so residents in Leek, Chester and Stafford will be able to get their fair share of the infamous Joules sausage rolls at their nearest Joules House.  The rolls are all handmade at each of the taps and will be served fresh from the oven on a Friday evening (5’ til gone).


If things go well, the brewery hopes it will soon have enough pork to supply all of its Tap Houses.  James Joule  ' Most breweries sell their spent grains but here we simply recycle.  Our loyal customers buy the beer, so it’s only fair that they should have the benefit that comes from having such very good animal feed.   Fordhall Farm is known for its great quality meat, in part of course from the grains we supply but also as they keep the stock so well, all outside with plenty of space.  The quality of the produce is outstanding and that’s why we are getting such a good reputation for our 'free' sausage rolls.'


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