A Tale of Two Taps

Joules Chester Brewery Tap: An Apology

Very unusually we have courted some controversy when we opened our Chester brewery tap which is on the same street as another local brewery who have a brewery tap on the same street.  For those who don't know Chester this does not normally pose a problem, we are often close to other brewer's taps, in Leek the Titanic Tap and our own are directy opposite.  However in this case we made a mistake in that in Chester the Spitting Feathers Tap is called just 'the brewery tap' as opposed to having a conventional pub name which happens to be thier tap for Chester.  This arose as thier site was not originally a pub.  In this tale of two taps we would of course apologise to our friends at Spitting feathers for any confusion and we have agreed with them to add an extra Cross Keys to our sign to ensure all our clear which tap is Joule's and which one is the original brewery tap.

In any event if you are in Chester come to both - you will be assured of two very good pints of locally brewed ale, they are yards apart so you can enjoy the best of both.


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