Ghostly Goings On at The Old Vaults

Spirits delay pub opening in Market Drayton



Joules brewery have had to delay the opening of its refurbished Sandbrook Vaults in its hometown of Market Drayton due to ghostly goings on.  The pub which is now complete was due to open its doors on 14th March following a staff training night on the 13th which was to be held for the contractors.  New licensee Jason Hawker has asked the brewery to check out mysterious happenings.


The problem started when one of the joiners, Eddie Chapman Smith witnessed a misty outline, Eddie recalls ‘at first I thought it was steam from a hot pipe and I thought I had pinged a pipe with my nail gun so I rushed to the spot and it vanished – no steam nothing, it was weird.  A few weeks later Tony Morris a local builder was working in the cellar, he recalls ‘The lights went out, I shouted at the sparky, but he wasn’t on the site – I crept up out of the cellar and there was nothing wrong, when I went back the lights were on, the really spooky thing is that the emergency lights didn’t come on at all – it was totally black’.


The staff due to work at the Vaults have now expressed concerns that the pub is haunted and are refusing to be left alone or go down to the cellar.   Jason Hawker – ‘Its really unusual, but the staff feel uneasy, they want to know its all ok especially if they are to change barrels in the cellar and so on.  I asked the brewery to delay so we can investigate.  The brewery has now invited team spiritz paranormal investigations [] to investigate.  The team will be on site soon overnight and hope to give Jason the all clear.


Andy, team leader comments ‘it’s not unusual to have conflict when an old building like this has been empty for over 4 years, the builders will have been disturbing the fabric of the building so it’s a classic period when you would expect activity.  No one has slept overnight for a long time so this will also be a time when the staff may well sense a presence.’  Jason and his staff just need to know any presence is not a hostile, it’s a good opportunity for us, we are of course sorry the opening has been delayed but it’s an opportunity for us to investigate virgin site


If all goes well after the investigations then the brewery will set a new date for the opening likley to be the following week.  James Joule ‘delays are not unusual in our business, pubs often over run, but this is a first, we have never had a delay due to ghosts – Jason is very relaxed but we all appreciate that his staff need to feel comfortable, it’s a really ancient old pub and has always had a lot of atmosphere - I hope the ghosts are ready

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