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I recall promising that we would reveal all on our discussions with 3 new sites and a promise to put this news out here first for anyone paying attention to the website.  Our press release is below which we will send out next week [mid December].  We have been working on this deal for quite a few months now.  Of the three we have bought we think that 2 will be brilliant tap houses for us.  The Mere needs some TLC to say the least but a lovely town and there is great local affection for this little pub.  I recall looking round in the summer and having help from the local round table who were raising funds in the town.  We had a long chat and without even going in to the Mere I was sold on the site.  If any of you pick this up - a big thankyou and we will not let you down.  We hope to be on site in the Spring.

The Leopard in Nantwich is even better, what a fabulous pub, again in a great town just our cup of tea.  To have site here so close to the brewery and that links so nicely with our other sites is a big step for us.






Joules Brewery Acquires 3 Pubs from Punch Taverns


Joules brewery has today confirmed it has purchased 3 more sites from Punch Taverns.  The Market Drayton brewery famous for Joules Pale Ale built a new brewery in the town which opened in 2010.  Since then it has built up an estate of high quality pubs in strategic locations in its trading area.


Steve Nuttall, Director, comments


We are very focussed on looking for sites in key locations, we only trade locally and not with wholesalers so for us it’s vital to secure a presence across the core geography.  We also need high quality and charming buildings.  Despite the availability of sites it has not been easy to find the right criteria.  Punch has been very helpful in working with us to select sites that are non core to them but can be developed as Joules brewery taps.  We have done a deal this time round for a site in Nantwich which has long been a strategic goal of ours.  The Leopard is a very high quality building and is perfect for our brand, a great area where we think the locals will welcome a local brewery flagship.


The second site is in Alsager, another quality area where we think there is a market of our kind of offer, warm, low energy, real fires and a classic real pub experience.  The Mere has always had a reputation as a classic ale house, it needs extensive work but of course we do this in every site.


The third site which is in Stoke will be a partnership venture with a local operator with whom the company already has other investments.  We already have a flagship in Stoke, the fabulous Glebe in Stoke Town so in Stoke we are building the brand with free traders who like what we are doing and respect the brand.


The company now has an estate of 24 of which 20 are ‘brewery tap’ houses.  The brewery has good coverage across its core area which emanates from its north shropshire base and is keen not to over expose the brand.


Steve ‘we don’t want too many taps – each must be individual and of great character.  Too many and we risk losing our uniqueness.  I think we are nearly there – we have a few more locations we can look at perhaps 3 or 4 at the most.  Plus we have committed not to expand the brewery – this being so we have a finite amount of Joules we can brew.  Our vision has always been to be a small brewery business that is centered around fabulous pubs and sublime beer – for us small really is beautiful’


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