Wednesday 2nd December saw the opening of JOULE’S BREWERY’S newest Shropshire tap house THE TALBOT. The pub acquired by Shropshire based Joule’s Brewery in April 2013, has become part of a fine selection of pubs throughout the Shropshire County. Coupling freshly prepared home cooked favourites with a high quality bar offering, Joule’s aim to deliver the magic that can be seen throughout the rest of their tap estate across Shropshire, Staffordshire & Cheshire.

Joule’s are very excited to welcome Landlord and Landlady Jon and Joanna Lewis to their team. Joanna, Landlady comments ‘We have been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement we have had from family and friends. Equally from locals we have had the pleasure of talking to and meeting through our weekends spent cleaning and planning. We are excited about our future here and the wonderful traditional pub we are taking on. We look forward to showing that there is plenty of life in the old dog yet!’ To celebrate the re-opening of The Talbot JOULE’S BREWERY prepared a commemorative brew ‘Captain Luxmoore’s Extra Sunshine Ale’ which was offered as a complimentary pint to all guests attending the official opening on Wednesday 2nd December.

Over the past few months a team of dedicated Joule’s craftsmen have been carefully restoring the ‘The Talbot’ to encapsulating everything that is great about the English pub. Joule’s commissioned 6 bespoke stained glass panels at the beginning of the restoration, all researched from medieval drawings and all individual. These hand painted panels depict the pubs namesake historic hound, each with their own name matching the 6 fermentation vessels at the Market Drayton Brewery. These bespoke stained glass panels are created by Paul Georgiou whose work can be seen in all Joule’s Pubs, signed off by his mark of the honey bee.

Steve Nuttall, Managing Director comments, ‘We’re proud to have many craftsmen who contribute to all our pubs and have such joy in their work. Our philosophy is to allow our whole team a great deal of latitude in how they interpret our ideas. Our projects are very much a group effort, we don’t have any designers, each of our tradesmen put their own ideas into the work, and I hope people will see the care and research that has gone into this refurbishment’.

Bringing a taste of Joule’s to Ruyton XI Towns, the Tap House will be showcasing Joule’s renowned range of fine ales, including Joule’s Pale Ale, Blonde & Slumbering Monk as well as the seasonal collection, with the return of fan favourite ‘Old No.6’ the residents of Ruyton XI towns are in for a winter warmer treat. The Talbot will also be showcasing Joule’s Craft Lager, “Green Monkey” which will be alongside, the brewery’s craft seasonal cold beer “Buffalo” an American Pale Ale.

The Talbot refurbishment has also included the old 15th century Brewhouse where much of original timber wattle and daub frames still remains. The original old oak beams and joists have all been painstakingly restored by hand stripping layer after layer of the residual paint which has been covering the building since the 18th century.  The Brewhouse was originally run by Captain Luxmoore, through research Joule’s have had the chance to learn more about the old brewery and include its heritage into the sympathetic restoration.


The Talbot will form part of a Tap Estate of 20 beautifully restored Joule’s Houses across the Brewery’s heartland.

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