Joule’s Brewery celebrated the completion of Joule's 5th Monk Portrait on Friday 23rd October with a surprise unveiling at The Sandbrook Vaults, Market Drayton.

To celebrate the individuals who helped bring Joule’s to Market Drayton, the directors of the Brewery in 2010 commissioned renowned artist Andrew Tift to paint 8 craftsmen, each representing their trade, who came together to build the award winning brewery.  Andrew Tift normally works on portraits of the rich and famous; Tony Benn, Neil Kinnock, and Ken Livingstone amongst others. Winner of the BP portrait award and the nationally recognised artist is famously slow, as his work is meticulous, so the Brewery has been sitting patiently.

The fifth Monk to be revealed was 'JAMES, The New Generation'. James Joule has been a part of the brewery since it's ressurection in 2010, working in both the Brewery Office and now alongside Joule's Landlord Laurence Payne, running The Sandbrook Vaults in Market Drayton.

Trudie from Joule’s commented, 'Our Monk portraits take on average 2 months each to complete.  The commission is titled ‘Monks’ as Andrew has each in a monk habit as a nod to the origins of our beer, first brewed by monks which is the origin of Joules trademark – a simple cross.  Andrew accepted the commission on the condition that the work would be on public display, and it can be seen at Joule’s, The Red Lion, Brewery Tap.'

The “monks” are an unusual commission as a collection of portraits; they are linked by their common endeavours, an idea that really appealed to Tift. Andrew’s work always has a narrative reference, clues which hint towards what lies behind the subject.  The whole commission will be done over several years unveiling the Monks one by one as they are completed.

The first to be completed was Chris Blase a bricklayer, the second Anthony Heeley who worked in the old Joule’s brewery in Stone before it’s closed, can be seen portrayed as the “Slumbering Monk”. The Third monk being Daran Harding, Joule’s bank manager who can be seen depicted flicking a coin up in the air. The artist has selected the subjects to symbolise the local community who form part of the creation of the Brewery, and Joule’s now have in their possession CHRISTOPHER The Stonemason,


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