The Red Lion Inn, Market Drayton, played host to the first ‘Oompahfest’ in the town last Friday. There was plenty of steins and stomping to be found at the festival which was enjoyed by all.

Oktoberfest has proven popular in its native Germany and has now taken roots in London and other major cities around the UK. So it’s exciting that the traditional Oompahfest made its way to The Red Lion, Market Drayton and gave the brewery a great opportunity to make lots of noise about their exciting craft beers and traditional ales. Oktoberfest traditionally celebrates breweries and bringing people together to celebrate good beer, which made Joule’s the perfect hosts for the event. Especially as The Red Lion Inn is adjoined to the brewery, which is which is home to all Joule’s real ales and craft lager.

The Oompah band, ‘Grun Affe’, which is the German translation of Green Monkey were the highlight of the evening. The band formed six months prior to the event, however some members already play together in a local Ceilidh Band. The band manager, Laurence Payne said, ‘We had a fantastic evening on Friday at the Oompahfest, it was just a few good musicians, getting together, being a bit daft and having great fun with the locals!’

The German style Oompahfest has found its home at Joule’s Brewery who brew the craft lager-Green Monkey, which is brewed to the German purity laws of Reinheitsgebot, the lager launched in May 2014 and is particularly special due to it being naturally carbonated, unpasteurised and containing no artificial ingredients. So it was no surprise that ‘Green Monkey’ the bands namesake, was the drink of choice for the evening.

One of the organisers for the event, Vicky Shirley comments, ‘Oktoberfest is such a well renowned festival which builds excitement now across Europe, we thought what could be more fitting than having a celebration of real ale and craft beer with live music here at our Brewery. We are especially proud to work with local Oompahband ‘Grun Affe’ to bring together the ‘Joule’s Oompahfest’  – after the success of Friday’s performance we are excited to continue the songs, steins and stomping with a tour across our pubs in Shropshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire’.

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