Brewery Update, July

It's been a while since our last update which I guess is a measure of the increased and fervent activity here. Having battled through the very cold winter we have really caught up in the good dry spring weather and completed the build.

Since then the roof and tiles have gone on and the pipefitters WGR are hard at work. The building is begining to look like a brewery, the mill is in the tower and the final tanks are now on site. As we we get closer our famously moving date is becoming more secure and we are targeting the middle of September to start testing the plant for the first time. The new Joule's Brewer has joined us, and we were delighted to receive a note of good wishes  from the last Joule's Brewer offering support for the re emergence of this most famous beer.

Adam Goodall, the new Head Brewer has joined us from Marston's, a fully qualified brewer he has worked at Marston's for the last 12 years. Marston's have offered us great support and goodwill, they even sold us some of the land on which the brewery now sits and have once again been very helpful in wishing Adam their very best. We look forward to inviting their brewing team to the new brewery before the end of the year. All in all a very busy time, now we have a brewer on site surely the beer can't be far behind.

The exitement level is building in the town and we are confident that our pubs will have the first of the trial brews in the autumn and we look forward to inviting some of the discerning and experienced Joule's tasters along to trial the beer. Adam is gathering names now to invite to some tastings. We have very tight control of the key measures in the brew house which is essential for us to brew the original pale ale, we of course have the notes and yeast type, the soft natural mineral water all key to Joule's. We would welcome tasters who can recall the very distinctive moreish Joule's palate to pass judgement. Adam will make many minor tweaks to the method to ensure we get the perfect pint. Please e mail if you would be willing to be involved in one of the tasting sessions to be held in Stoke, Stone and Market Drayton we hope mid September. You must however have had experience of the original Joule's pre 1974.

We have been quiet on the pub estate, bar working on the Glebe in Stoke City Centre, our flagship for the Potteries Launch. The pub is starting to look great and will be ready for the trial brews late September. We are currently recruiting for a tenant for this house e mail We also have a new site currently with solicitors which if all goes well we will be able to confirm shortly.

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