Slumbering Monk

Our premium beer, full bodied with malty and nutty fullness, hints of caramel giving it a round, soft, satisfying smoothness. We brew Monk with a very high proportion of crysal malt, this is malt that has been toasted so the natural sugar in the malt grains have slightly carmalised.  This rich flavour gives the beer its deep copper colour [we add no colours and additives to any of our beers all of them are 100% malt brewed].  Crystal malt is the source of Monk's richness - or body, it also gives it a distincticve nuttiness - also helped as we get very good extraction from the malt grains we think the nuttiness comes from the sugars around the husk of the grain so it is key that we seep the grains to get to all the lovely malty goodness around the husk.

Like Pale ale we balance the beer between bitterness, from Hops, and the body from the malt.  Monk has a higer concentration of malt which delivers a stronger beer at 4.5% this beer has a heady fullness that makes it very satisfying, in the tap not surprising a few of our regulars call it 'The Slurring Monk'.

The Slumbering Monk is a carving in our hospitality bar carved by Robert Thompson 'The Mouseman' furniture maker in 1932.  He also carved a devils head, this was his joke as the mouseroom was originally commisioned as a boardroom, the monk represented morality and is shown slumbering.

The Joule's trade mark originates from the 16th century when monks marked the barrels with a cross to show the beer was brewed at the abbey - the source of the best beer.  For this reason we adopted the Slumbering Monk as our premium ale brand, this is the only time we we have shown the cross on its own - without the Joule's script directly underneath it, as the cross pre dates even Francis Joule the original founder of the brand in 1779.  The eagle eyed may also note the presence of a mouse on the pump clip the carving also has a mouse running up to the Slumbering Monk.