Seasonal Ale

By brewing a series of special editions to reflect each season, demonstrates our beer credentials and passion for all beer types.  The simultaneous production of variety has helped drive Joule’s Brewery as a ‘Craft Brewer’ with cask Ale at our heart.

The current Joule's seasonal ale is; Joule's Beer Tonic No. 37, which launched in February 2016. Following a season of long dark nights and dark brooding beers, we have carefully crafted a restorative beer tonic; a marvellous aid following days of overwork, fatigue and trial. Using a blend of three malts and four hop varieties, this easy drinking golden ale has a pleasing depth of flavour, augmented with floral hop and lingering bitter finish.

Previous seasonals have included:

Old No. 6, our dark & brooding winter warmer. Brewed with roasted barley and Munich malt; delivering a nutty and roasted fruity flavour.  Warming, satisfying and complex at 4.8%, our winter warmer is perfect for cold winter evenings. Old No. 6 was back for its third season following popular demand!

Calcutta 1757 acknowledged a local historic icon and his achievements that undoubtedly changed the course of history. Robert Clive, also known as ‘Clive of India’ was born in a neighbouring village to the Brewery and became Military Office in the British Army.  He is credited with securing India and the wealth that followed for the British Crown.  The first of these conquests was the battle of Calcutta in February 1757, inspiring a series of further victories. Calcutta 1757 is a refreshing India Pale Ale.  Generously hopped, delivering a bitter punch, balanced out by its strength.  This light amber ale offers subtle hints of honey and spice upfront with a light berry fruit finish at 5%.

Double Hop, introduced in Autumn 2013; the first hop providing a clean and well balanced pale ale with subtle bitterness, the second infusing the beer with a rich citrus finish. Light & refreshing, a perfect harvest time golden pale ale at 3.6%.

Strisselspalt Spring, characterised by a distinctive golden colour, this refreshingly hopped blonde provides a very satisfying mouth feel and after taste.  Using a combination of five hops, coming together to create a delicate bitterness and subtle fresh aroma, delivering a golden ale at 3.8%.

Triskel Yeoman was introduced as the summer seasonal in 2014.   A golden hoppy beer, but with more power, brewed slightly stronger than its predecessor at 4.2%.  This extra strength allows for a larger scope of hop characteristics, producing a spicy, fruity nose & dry and hoppy aftertaste.  Very fresh, with a little bit of zing and more bitterness on the finish making it stand out from the other seasonals.

Waterloo, launched in February 2015 was our hoppiest beer to date.  Sitting at 4.3% this golden ale was a commemorative brew marking the 200th year anniversary of The Battle of Waterloo, which took place back in 1815. With a sweet citrus and spicy aroma the season's special was not overly sweet, retaining a balance that also contributed to a slight but not overpowering bitterness. A great response from lovers of hoppy ales across the Joule's heartland.

May 2015, saw an exciting start to Joule's Brewery's seasonal cold beer range. Buffalo our American Pale Ale was launched on Friday 1st May. Traditionally APA's sit between 5-5.5% with signigicant quantities of BIG American Hops and it's the American Hops that distinguish an APA from British of European Pale Ales. Buffalo is a full bodied Golden Pale Ale following the US style; it is big on hopiness, but not too bitter. Hops: Apollo, Bravo, Centennial and Cascade.

Over the summer in 2015 we brewed very special beers to coincide with Summer, using an exciting range of hops - most of which are a first for us! The Hop trio of Hop O'Clock, Hop Spot and Hop Shine these were all well received.

Calypso, is brewed using a blend of four hops, including Calypso for a distinctive tropical edge and peachy aroma, this golden summer beer has an emphasis placed on a hoppy nose, yet without being too bitter.