Green Monkey 4.3% ABV

As promoters of craft brewing, we advocate flavoursome individually crafted and exciting beers. We use nothing but four core ingredients to create our lager – malt, hops, yeast and the purest mineral water.

When it comes to cold beers, we say "Booo!"’ to mass production and long-life "lesser" lagers.

In using our carefully selected fresh ingredients, we can guarantee Green Monkey’s premium taste and texture.  We are very proud to say Green Monkey will never be pasteurised or artificial carbonated, we like our lagers "Brewery Fresh", and this comes from being laagered for up to four weeks. This careful method develops a naturally carbonated drink, producing the most delicate of bubbles, creating a smooth finish on the palate.

Clean & fruity with a good bitter-sweet taste, unlike lesser 'Lager' beers, it is stored (laagered) for twice the amount of time to naturally achieve its sparkling, crisp flavour.  With some sweetness on the nose and with delicate floral notes, it contains NO artificial ingredients, preservatives or additives and is unpasteurised to each pint 'brewery fresh'.


Joule’s Craft Beer Bus


Your nearest pint of Joule’s could be closer than you think, with the Joule’s Craft Beer bus being unveiled at The Rock and Bowl Music Festival in May and is now available for hire!

Our fully mobile bar has four permanent lines, (that’s room for two Joule’s cask ales and two cold beers, including Green Monkey) and can be hired out for special occasions and events by both trade and the public.

Available throughout the year within a 45-mile radius of the brewery, the Craft Beer Bus is guaranteed to make an instant and lasting impression on any occasion, to make enquiries about hiring the Joules’ Craft Beer Bus please contact the Marketing department on 01630 654 400.