Brewing Liquor

Pure natural soft spring water is our most prized asset along with the legacy of Joule’s original pale ales which were also brewed with soft spring water.

The new Joule’s brewery in Market Drayton has access to soft Staffordshire/Shropshire mineral water which emerges from the Bunter pebble beds below originating from the Triassic period just 200 million years ago.  However we moved here for a couple of other reasons too; the site is an original Joule’s house and the town a part of the Joule’s heartland, but most of all for the water – or ‘brewing liquor’.

The brewery sits above the Market Drayton aquafer, a natural water source passing through red sandstone deposits containing reddish coloured rounded cobbles. St Mary’s church across the road from the brewery is constructed from this very sandstone. Our source flows from deep inside the rock, over 90 metres from the surface.  The spring water is drawn through the rock, naturally filtering impurities and even bacteria, picking up trace minerals en route; the result being pure mineral spring water. We are not the first to use the town’s superior water; Market Drayton was once home to two breweries, the Crystal Fountain brewery a few hundred yards from us and nearer still the Market Drayton brewery. Spring water has also been sourced and bottled just meters from the brewery in recent years. If you visit us you will be able to see the old well which at a depth of 20 metres is almost as deep as our milling tower is high.

The new brewery completed in 2010, it is built behind our Brewery Tap, the Red Lion, originally a Joule’s pub.   Joule’s Brewery is one of only a handful of purpose built and designed brew houses in the country, the building created to fit around the brewing plant.  Our brewing vessels are English made and we are using closed fermenters from Doncaster which retain many of the distinctive and subtle aromas and flavour tomes essential in pale ale.  The brewery is an English ale brewery for top fermenting yeast and for the use of whole flower hops with a conventional hop back – the old style.

However we have also used the best of modern technology to produce ale of the highest quality; we can ferment our ales at exactly the right temperature winter or summer, and we can set exactly the right temperatures for mashing and boiling – key for consistency and providing the Joule’s yeast with the perfect environment to do its work.

We have also built a temperature controlled store where we will cellar the ale in cask for 10 days to ensure it is in perfect condition ready for the customer.

The brewery has been designed by local firm M Projects in Hodnet and we are grateful to them, their expertise, passion and attention to detail has been intense.